3 Great Apps For Young Children

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These days there are so many children’s applications available it is hard to know which ones are appropriate and great for your children. So we have found three brilliant apps for your younger ones to enjoy.

 My Very Hungry Caterpillar

Created for 5 years and under, The Very Hungry Caterpillar first made his appearance in the popular children’s book, then a television program and has now scuttled its way to a brilliant kids app. The My Very Hungry Caterpillar App has transformed the greedy insect’s surroundings into an interactive game. It allows you to feed, play and encourage your new little friend to sleep peacefully under the shade of a leaf. The caterpillar slowly grows and eventually, once well looked after following the story or the book, the caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly.

A caterpillar on a twig

A caterpillar walking

Dino Tim

Created for ages 3-6, Dino Tim is a fantastic little app for helping your younger children understand colours, shapes and simple words. The app has a back story of Dino Tim’s family being taken by witches, the aim of the game involves solving different educational problems to help bring them back to safety. Your children will love this game because of the magical twists and puzzles.

A witch on a broom

A flying witch

Toca Band

Created for 5 years and under this cleverly designed yet simple game allows your children to create music, using a group of friendly characters. You select and drag each character to the stage, where they begin to play their specific instrument. If you change their position and colour then you alter what they play, or even allow them to do a solo performance. A top tip for getting the most of this quality application is to ensure your children use a pair of kids headphones. Snuggly Rascals provide ultra comfortable headphones for children in a range of fabulous colours and designs.

A Musical Line

Musical Notes


If your struggling to decide what application to download for your children to enjoy then try these three great options. All you need is your phone and one of these apps, to provide them with hours of fun. For great sound quality and comfortability check out Snuggly Rascals Kids Headphones. 

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