3 Mistakes To Avoid Making With Instagram

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Instagram presented itself to the world back in 2010, and wow has it made an impact! Instagram has given businesses small and big the opening to engage with their audience and promote their brand and lifestyle through images and videos. Instagram was one of the quickest growing social media platforms. But this hasn’t gone unnoticed by businesses and the marketing world, with a whopping 300 million users, companies quickly noticed Instagram’s huge advertisement potential.


If you are a new or old business and considering starting up an account, then here are some of the most common errors companies make which will hopefully help you avoid taking the long road of self-discovery and instead jumping straight in and reaping the social media marketing rewards.


  1. Not Quality Focused

It is hugely important that your content is top quality. Instagram simply involves users scrolling down through images, taking seconds to scan through numerous photos, they will only stop when they see an image that stands out or appeals to them. Alternatively, they will search a particular hashtag. In simple terms the greater quality of the content, the more likely a user will stop and engage.

Poor Rating

1.5 Star Rating


  1. Not Posting Often Enough

According to research companies post images or videos typically 1.5 times a day. As a company you should find a happy medium of quantity and quality, making sure that one doesn’t out way the other. For example, if you realise you have quality content to post more frequently then that is brilliant, however it’s important to maintain an alike schedule day to day, as research shows that companies with inconsistent posting see loss of followers as a result.

A Slow Snail

Slow Snail



  1. Incorrect Use Of the ‘#’

A common error by so many companies and brands, the incorrect use of a hashtag is a real no-no. Just like other social networks such as Twitter, the hashtag plays a vital part in getting traffic to your content and account. You can increase your followers by using applicable and current hashtags to create momentum and how many people see your image.

A hashtag drawn on beach

Hashtag on beach

To conclude, companies that are reaping the benefits of Instagram are the ones posting 5-star content, scheduled consistently and with correct and relevant hashtags. So if you are yet to dive into the world of Instagram now is your time, take full advantage of what social media has to offer with these 3 simple tips in mind.


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