3 Of The Best Social Media Apps For Marketers

A Mobile Phone & Social Apps

If this year you are focusing on improving your social media marketing, with aims such as saving time, increased productivity. Whether you need to keep up with all the latest social media trends, reduce your marketing costs or make your media look more professional with increased engagement, here are three social media apps that will be sure to help you out.

  1. Datally

Who else month to month is constantly flying way over their mobile phone data allowance? And there is no surprise! With the need for scrolling, changing, constant posting and scheduling. ‘Datally’ owned by Google, is an app ready to sort you out. To put it simply, this app helps to manage your mobile data, by monitoring, saving, and tracking your usage, and then helping you to control it. The App boasts that it can reduce your data usage by over 30%, using impressive features like ‘The Wi-Fi Finder’. This is a great one for any marketers that use their mobile phone for the majority of their social media marketing work.

Saving money

Money Saving

  1. Planoly

When managing a number of social media pages, it can quickly become easy to get fully consumed, and forget about the big picture. Let’s use your businesses Instagram as an example, yes your posting great content, but let’s be honest, it’s just not in line with your brand or supporting what you are about, and in the long run could have damaging results. The aim of this app is to allow its users to view how their posts will look as a grid prior to posting, as well as this, the app gives you data and feedback on the likely engagement ratings that each post will have.

Managing Instagram

Business Managing Instagram


  1. Signal

As a social media marketer, the security and privacy of your client’s information should be extremely high on your priority list. You need to be certain that your client’s info and messages are protected from outside viewers. This new messaging app has an advanced encryption protocol that ensures privacy for all content sent on the network.

A Key & Lock

A Lock & Key


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