3 Reasons Marketing Companies Should Get Cyber Security

When ensuring the optimisation of your business, the first thing that comes to mind does not usually involve Cyber Security and whilst this is clearly understandably it is also gravely mistaken. If any part of your business is online, there is a high chance there is information in that data base that you need to protect;  imagine what it would mean if this information was breached!

Here are 3 Reasons Your Marketing Company Should Get Cyber Security

  1. Cyber Crime Is More Than Just an Annoyance

    A large majority of business owners believe having their data correctly backed up  is enough to shield them from the dangers of Cyber crime but this is not enough. The individuals that are carrying out cyber crimes are not trying to give you a tricky day at work, instead they aim to take your stored personal information for their own needs to make a profit. They can steal your colleagues and clients personal identity information, file fraudulent tax returns and even withdraw money from bank accounts. This is not something you want to be faced with on a Monday morning!

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  2. DON’T Say Goodbye To Your Business 

    With any respected business, your clients and colleagues will have trusted you with their personal data. So if this information gets leaked or stolen, then your company is accountable. If the cyber criminals were caught, they would also have to deal with the consequences but naturally the whole situation becomes a mess and very often the crunch on reputation and financial effects are irreversible.


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    Cyber Security covers an all-round importance as you are not only protection your brand and finances, you are also protection your clients.

  3. Cyber Criminals Are SMART”

    Hackers stole a total of £130bn from consumers in the UK last year. A staggering number of 17 millions British residents were effected by cyber crime. The truth of the matter is, what this figure means; if you are yet to have you running’s with cyber crime, then it simply a matter of time before your business is targeted. Cyber criminals work hard to be ahead of the curve, forming new tools to breach personal data and if you haven’t implemented Cyber Security or at least had Penetration Testing the risk will remain high and in this online jungle you cannot run from that which you cannot see.

    So What Can You Do To Protect Yourself

Turn to the professionals; it doesn’t really get much simpler than that. Experts such as PGI implement Cyber Security Services that protect your finances, personal data and information of your clients and thus, your brand is also protected. Professionals such as PGI will perform Penetration Testing on your online domain that will give you a clear indication of the chinks in your online armour and what it is you can do to remain safe.

There are uncountable outlets of information which can help you online but to be frank, getting to the bottom of your security matters is best done by heading straight to the guys with the “know how”, such as PGI.



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