Are There Cons To Launching Business Social Media?

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Social media may not work for every business at any time. Being under prepared and launching a business social media account before detailed previous planning, can create a presence you don’t want and use up your time and money.

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In the world of social media marketing you can often feel pressured to get on the band wagon, but it’s always a good idea to consider the negatives of any new business idea or strategy. So here we have put together some of the disadvantages that could come as a result.

  • Not putting together a clear and concise social media plan could mean a reduced benefit for your business.


  • On the initial look, it may seem you need very few resources to run a successful social media account, however if you want to successfully manage your online presence, then you will need a number of resources.


  • Once your social media account has gone live, it is an instantiations thing that will need constant monitoring. This means you need to fit this in to your business working day, or find a social media manager.


  • If you don’t professionally manage and ensure you have a good social media presence, then you will not reap the rewards.


  • With all social media you have the risk of having to deal with any unwanted behaviour, such as bullying or inappropriate content.


  • Other risks can include receiving negative reviews and client information leakages or hacking.
Correct planning

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With these risks consider, there are ways to avoid them by simple planning and preparation of your policy and procedures before your account goes live.

What have your experiences been with launching your businesses social media accounts? And do you find the benefits out way the negatives?


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