Can Social Media Have A Negative Effect On Your Mental Health?

Instagram On A Mans Phone

We now live in a world where social media plays a massive part in everyone’s existence, whether it’s posting photos of your holiday in Greece on Instagram, online marketing for your business or just chatting with friends on Facebook. The whole world has gone just a little bit social media mad. Social media most certainly has its benefits, this much is obvious, but can the use of social media platforms also have a negative effect on our wellbeing?


Their Life Is Great

Let us take Instagram for example, people only post what they want you to see, so this includes photos of their expensive new watch, the flowers their husband bought them, or the perfect muscular angle of them posing by the beach in their board shorts. Individuals are very unlikely to upload images of them on a bad day, looking bloated, when they are stuck in the office late or having a bad hair day. For viewers, this creates the idea that people have these perfect lives, with no low or perhaps stressful days, and can in turn make the viewer feel that they should be living similar lives, with day to day ecstatic happiness and constant new and breath-taking experiences.

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A Single Pink Rose


Think Before You Speak

Whilst on social media, people can feel protected from the consequence of what they say or do. For example, it is very quick and easy to write and publish a hateful or unsupportive comment online, without taking the time to consider the impact that this may have on the reader. Since the rise of social media there has been multiple research to support that platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are having a damaging effect on the publics self-confidence and happiness.

Wooden Blocks ' No Hate'

‘No Hate’


Social Media In The Workplace

It is becoming more and more popular for colleagues to communicate via social media platforms. Unfortunately, this can have some negative impacts; resulting in members of a team feeling isolated, low communication levels and workplace bullying. This is why now more than even, there has been an increased demand in the need for Mental Health Training within the work place.

Companies such as Clearfocus offer expert advice and information on how to reduce mental health issues at work and create a happy and thriving atmosphere. They are based in the South West of England, Devon but have been all over the UK to train companies and guide them into relinquishing Mental Health issues in the workplace.

Sending Messages Over Social Media

Sending Messages Online




When promoting a company, many businesses use the strategy of advertising a ‘life style brand’. The idea of this marketing strategy is for people to relate the brand and buying or associating a product with a certain lifestyle. For example, Rip Curl Surf wear – They are a surf and skate lifestyle brand, so they promote this sort of lifestyle as cool and current, using beautiful models, with ‘perfect’ bodies, ‘brilliant’ hair and even better sports skills. It is very hard to achieve this sort of lifestyle that they are promoting, yet they make it look extremely easy and reachable. So when you do not have a comparable lifestyle, it can leave you feeling deflated and as though you are underachieving, this constant pressure and negative feeling about ourselves can have a harmful effect on our mental health.

A Girl Surfing

A Surfer Chick

If you are a business or company owner who is concerned with the effect social media could be having on your employee’s work life or general wellbeing and would like to seek expert help on workplace mental health, then take a look at Clearfocus Mental Health Training.



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