Great Reasons To Use Social Media When Travelling

On The Road

We all know that social media has its benefits and its draw backs – but when it comes to travelling, social media platforms are an ideal tool for enhancing your experience. Here at ‘Back Up My Tweets’, we have put together some fabulous reasons why using sites like Facebook and Instagram are ideal.

Holiday Selfie

Friend Selfie


Make & Keep Mates

When on the road and moving from place to place, you meet some great people and often your time together is short and sweet. Having social media is a perfect way of grabbing these new friend’s details and ensuring you cross paths again later in your journey.

Keep In Touch With Old Pals

When we go off travelling we often leave our best buds and old friends behind. It’s easy to feel home sick and miss these people, so having platforms like Facebook let us send quick update messages or even long video call catch ups.

Be Safe

A simple message of – “I’m home safe” can put any worrying, boyfriend, mother or friend at ease after your long walk back to the hostel at 2am.

Suggestions & Recommendations

Let’s say you’re travelling through Europe and moving from one great city to the next. A quick message about or stalk on your mates last year travelling adventures can give you some amazing tips on where to stay, eat and the best site seeing spots.

Getting Connected

Grabbing Details

 Show Off

Who doesn’t love posting that sunset beach photo selfie, knowing that all your friend back home will be turning green with envy. It’s almost a traveller’s right to show off!

Save Memories

For a person who has already been travelling and seen beautiful parts of the world, it is such a lovely feeling to have a reminder on Facebook each year and have all of your old holiday snaps pop back up.

Check Reviews

Almost all credible companies now have a social media pages, this allows us to check them out prior to using their service and see other traveler’s reviews. Whether it’s a boat party company, a hostel or a tapas bar, other people’s testimonials are always great help.

Pet Catch Up

Pet Video Call


Yes I must say, for some, the beauty of travelling is to lose touch with society and the online world. But for many, the fabulous ability to chat, grab advice, make memories and keep in touch with friends old and new is insurmountable.



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