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Encouraging the idea of recycling is so important to the improvement of our environment and the waste management issues we are facing today. A phenomenal amount of recyclable waste is still being thrown into general landfill. Now more than ever it is time for governments, businesses and individuals to go above and beyond when promoting recycling. Here we have explained why the use of social media platforms is a great way to raise awareness of the issues and influence change.

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Social Media Explained

“Social Media” is defined as the use of online computer and mobile technologies to communicate using interactive dialogue. It is a way in which people electronically communicate through social media platforms such as ‘Facebook’ by creating online accounts. Here they can share educational information, personal belief, images, videos and much much more.

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Why Use It To Promote Recycling?

Social media is close to becoming the best way to contact the world. In particular, our young generation, as young people spend a larger amount of time online. Online accounts therefore allow you to create a free platform for you to communicate with its users. Social media allows a two-way conversation, where individuals and companies can post, chat and engage with their audience. In turn this means that one of the best ways for us to promote our current and critically important waste issues is to shout about it on such sights, including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Let’s use an example – Averda a Waste Management company in South Africa uses social media to teach their audience the importance of the recycling service that they provide. They can use these platforms to share with the world their vision to create a cleaner world and better lives for our future generations.


In conclusion the best way for recycling campaigners, waste management companies and individuals to bring about change and increase the worlds awareness and knowledge, is for them to use social media to comment and influence.

If this issue is important to you, and you would like to find out more ways to reduce our worlds waste management issues, then take a look at Averda – Waste Management South Africa

You can also visit Averda on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin


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