The Pros And Cons Of Scheduling Posts


Many businesses find that a great way to keep up with social media posts and ensuring their pages are kept active is to scheduling their content. You can do this yourself, or use an auto-scheduling app. There are multiple programs available to do this, some charging nothing, and some that charge…They simply allow businesses and brands to prewrite posts, images and content to be posted at a later date. But with these auto scheduling programs also come with positives and negatives, so below we have outlined them for you.

The Pros

A good schedule

The Pros of scheduling

Saving Time

Logging into your account multiple times a day, writing and posting images and content can be very time consuming and use up a surprising amount of your working time. Instead of this, you can put aside a certain amount of time for example on a Monday and write and schedule all of you posts for the remainder of the week.

Stay on Message

When planning that week’s posts all at once, you can stay more focused on your post brand relevance and ensure they are all relevant and supportive of your brand image. You can compare each post to ensure they are all hitting your target marketing goals.

Time Zones

If your brand is so successful that you are now marketing to multiple countries and time zones, then auto scheduling can be a brilliant solution for your business. Auto scheduling lets you decide the date and time your post will be released so you can make sure your target audience sees it.

Be Involved

Scheduling ensures that your page is always active, so many businesses struggle to keep their pages live and in good momentum. If you are having a busy day or are out of the office, then you know that your posts will still be going out and your clients will still be receiving engaging posts.

The Cons

Poor Reviews

A bad feedback form

Missed Opportunities

Much of social media happens in real time. Great examples being Facebook and Twitter; they work off real-time posts, engaging with your audience with their comments, opinions, questions and feedback. If you schedule on a Monday morning then don’t check your post activity for 7 days, then you are likely to miss some great interaction with your customers.


Sometimes it can be evident that your post is prescheduled and your followers will view it as spam – content. This can lead to a reduced number of followers or reduce in your brand credibility. Try your best to write ordinary posts that sound natural.

Abit Too Much

When post scheduling, sometimes it can be very easy to over schedule and therefore over post. This is a habit you should do your best to avoid, post enough to keep up to date and engage your audience without bombarding them with constant content and images. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm your followers with constant, low-quality or non-relevant posts.


If you choose to go down the avenue of post scheduling, then a mixture of real-time and auto-scheduled is what we would advise. Reap the benefits auto-scheduling without losing that connection to your audience.


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