Which Social Media Platform Is Right For Your Business

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With social media becoming so widely used, it is key for your business to understand which platforms works for you. Here we have detailed which to use in relation to your industry and target audience.



For: B2C, occasionally some B2B

Best Industries: Fashion, Retail, E-commerce, Real Estate, Marketing, Health and Wellness, Fitness, and News

Target Audience: Adults both women and men from age 25 – 55+,

1.38 billion users log onto their Facebook accounts daily. Regardless of if you also use other social media platforms, as a B2C you must have a Facebook presence.

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Facebook icon inside eye


For: B2C and B2B

Best Industries: Fashion, News, Retail, E-commerce, Wellness, Travel Industry, Hospitality, Finance, Sports

Target Audience: Adults both men and women age 18 – 29. A fantastic gathering for companies and individuals to promote trends and discuss news, and political opinions. As well as this, it’s great for providing good customer service; if a customer has a problem with the service or item they can Tweet the business to resolve the issue.

Multiple Twitter Logos

The Twitter Logo


For: B2C

Best Industries: Photography, Fashion, Hospitality, Health and Wellness, Fitness, Sport, Travel, Arts, Food, Events, E-Commerce

Target Audience: Adults both men and women age 18 – 35 initially mostly women but with time this is shifting to more equal users. If you’ve got a visual product that Instagram should be the go to for your brand.

Insta Logo

A hand with Instagram logo

It important before considering these, to ask yourself a few main questions: Who is your target audience? Are you B2B or B2C? What are your specific goals on social media? Once these have been answered you can use the above information to effectively decide which platform to concentrate your marketing on, and which will bring you best success.


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